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Woolpower® is produced in Östersund in Northern Sweden, where they develop and produce 100% of their products. Woolpower® is sold worldwide to professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone else who needs to stay warm in extreme cold weather conditions.

All Woolpower® products are constructed with Ullfrotte Original, a technically advanced material made from a combination of two thirds fine Merino wool from Patagonia, Argentina, and one third synthetic fiber to achieve the greatest warmth, wicking properties, and strength. Ullfrotté is knit with unique terry loop stitching in order to create the optimal insulating capability. 

The Woolpower Company, in a stand against the painful sheep farming practice of mulesing, in 2008 chose to redirect their purchase of wool from Australia to Patagonia, Argentina, with guarantees of ethical animal husbandry and mulesing-free wool. All of us at Northern Outfitters applaud and support Woolpower's stand against animal cruelty.