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The Iditarod Ceremonial Start in Anchorage


Northern Outfitters gear was everywhere at the Iditarod Ceremonial Start on Saturday.  Here are just a few examples.img-0598.jpg

Iditarod Pro-Staffer and Yukon Quest winner Aliy Zirkle in her Arctic Parka, with Northern Outfitters president Jim Harrison.  Aliy has finished 2nd in the Iditarod three times, and we're expecting great things from her again this year. In 2000, Aliy became the only woman to ever win the Yukon Quest, and remains so to date. With her husband Allen Moore's win in 2011, they became the only couple to have ever won as well.


Allen Moore, the 2011 Yukon Quest winner, in his Black Northern Outfitters Arctic Parka with Jim Harrison. (You'll notice Jim manages to get in most of the photos with our Pro-Staffers.) Allen and Aliy run two teams from their SP Kennel. Allen the black and Aliy the red. Now you know why they wear different color Arctic Parkas.

2013 Dee Dee

Cancer survivor and veteran Iditarod musher Dee Dee Jonrowe is famous for the pink Yukon-style Kuspuk she wears over her cold weather gear, and proudly dresses her handlers in Northern Outfitters.


Another fan of pink, Northern Outfitters Pro-Staffer Kristi Berrington with Jim Harrison.

img-0593.jpgAlaskans know how to keep their feet warm. Northern Outfitters Arctic Boots were everywhere.

img-0599.jpg    Northern Outfitters keeps Aaron Burmeister warm, and Aaron and his lovely wife Mandy, 6th generation Alaskans (we met Gen 7 in Anchorage), keep us supplied with sourdough starter that's been handed down in his family since 1898.

2013 Anna and dog

Anna Berrington, Northern Outfitters Pro-Staffer and Kristi's sister, getting one of her dogs ready for the Ceremonial Start on 4th Street in Anchorage.

2013 Anna and sled

The team is hitched and Anna and her Iditarider are ready to go.

2013 Aliy on street

2013 Aliy on street 2

Aliy Zirkle leading her team to the starting line.

2013 Aaron ready for the start

Aaron and his Iditarider ready for the countdown.

2013 Iditarod Media Crew2013 Iditarod media

The Iditarod Race Committee chose Northern Outfitters Wind Anoraks to keep the 28 members of their media crew warm.

2013 Jim and Dawn

A great big THANK YOU to all of our customers, Pro-Staffers and our manufacturing partners, Bestwork Industries for the Blind and Lions Volunteer Blind Industries.  We couldn't do it without you.               Jim Harrison and Dawn Talley