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From Jim Shockey--


After 21 days living with the Inuit on the ice of the Arctic Ocean, sleeping in a canvas tent, and riding many, many miles on a dog sled, I now know "brutul" cold.  The warmest day was 22° below zero.  Every other day the high hovered between -30° and -40°.  Thank you Northern Outfitters.  Thank you.  Without your gear...well, I dont even want to think of that.

All my best, Jim

From Aliy Zirkle, Yukon Quest Champion Musher--


Allen Moore and Aliy Zirkle at Skunk Place Kennels, their home in Two Rivers Alaska, just outside of Fairbanks.

When Allen and I began racing sled dogs over 20 years ago, we were told from the beginning by the "Old Guys," that if we wore anything besides Northern Outfitters Arctic Clothing we were taking a chance with our lives.  We tried other clothing and it didn't take long for us to see what they meant.  After battling the extreme cold of the Arctic in other gear for a few years, we tried Northern Outfitters Arctic System and since then we've never worn anything else.

In 2000, I was the first woman to ever win the 1000-mile Yukon Quest, and remain the only woman ever to have done so. This year Allen placed 2nd in the Quest, and I finished 2nd in the Iditarod, the 1049 mile dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome.  I have no doubt we owe our success in part to Northern Outfitters.  Knowing we're safe frees us to give our total attention to our dogs - the most important part of what we do.

Thanks Dawn and Jim for the best cold weather gear in the world!

From Gustavus "Gus" McLeod, Aviation Pioneer--


On April 17, 2000, I became the first person to fly an open cockpit aircraft to the geographic North Pole.  That accomplishment was in large part due to your Arctic Clothing System.  I experienced temperatures in excess of 48° below zero, with wind chills of -190°.  Your Arctic System not only kept me alive, but I was functional enough to use solar navigation when my GPS display froze.  The Inuite people of the Arctic named me "Tough Walrus" for my seemingly limitless resistance to the cold.  That compliment should go the Arctic System.  It made my record-breaking flight possible."

With warm regards, Gus McLeod

Boeing Flight Test Operations

Fairbanks, Alaska


Thank you Team Northern Outfitters for the outstanding support and for keeping us all warm.  Keeping 150 engineers from the Lower 48 warm in mid-winter in Faribanks at -40F is no small feat, but that's the only way we could accomplish cold soak testing for our new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and your gear did a magnificant job.  Thanks Again!

Jim Oien

Boeing Aircraft Corporation

"I purchased the Arctic Boots and Arctic Mitten System before traveling to Moscow, Russia on the set of the picture "K-19" starring Harrison Ford.  I've got to say I was the warmest guy on the set of hundreds of crew, cast and extras.  Everyone wanted to know where I got the 'big black boots.'  I'm now on my way to Winnepeg to enjoy hours of standing on a frozen lake in my comfortable warm boots.  I expect to see many more pairs on the set this time.  I've worked on several winter pictures and this has been the most comfortable by far.  The temperatures reached -30° celcius and I was as warm as a polar bear.  Thanks again.

Markus, Toronto Canada